Garden fencing tips

Tips, tricks, advice and guidance from a trade professional on your garden fencing project.

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Is it time for a new garden fence?  Maybe you don't have a fence but need one now to keep children safe or a dog from roaming.  Maybe you have a fence and it's coming to the end of it's useful life and needs to be upgraded or replaced completely? Whatever you need, we have probably helped someone in your exact situation over our 20 years of designing and building bespoke garden fences for our thousands of clients across the country.

Whether it's a whole garden boundary fence or a simple section replacement, we have information, trade tips and tricks here to help you decide which solution is the right fit for you and your specific needs.

What kind of fence do you have in mind?

My first question when I meet new clients is to ask if they have any particular style or size of fence in mind.  It's often a good starting point to establish what you as a client like or if the new fence needs to fulfil a specific need or purpose.  Have your circumstances changed and that means a new style or height is required?  Or are you happy with what you have and just need the existing fence repaired or strengthened?  Maybe it's all just looking a bit old fashioned and dated and you want to move with the times and go for something more modern?  We put fences up to keep wandering dog-walkers out, or to keep dogs in, and often we have been called on to fence an area where children play and add the security and barrier a fence provides to keep the kids safe.  

In the rear gardens we typically find that a combination of security and privacy are needed, especially where there are family activities going on and things like garden pools and hot-tubs are being used.  

There's an old saying,

"Good fences make good neighbours"

That is definitely true. We all like to know where our boundary lies and a good solid fence defining that line makes everyone's lives easier. Each to their own.

I will try to lay out some basic information for you, so that you can approach the task of erecting a new fence, or instructing your contractor with clear, precise instructions based on solid advice.

It's not overly complicated, but there are a few aspects of garden fencing which you definitely need to be aware of, and we have some great tips and tricks we can pass on at the same time.

We'll begin with the first thing to consider and that is where is the fence going and what height should it be.  See you in there.

Fence Height

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